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Our Reply to NZ Bear concerning his post Barry's Counterproposal 


I had composed this Sunday evening after attending church and spending the day with my family in the mountains. After I returned home I read your Barry's Counterproposal and worked on this reply. By the time everyone had read it and I was ready to send it you had already "Enacted your Suspensions". I have not sent this until now because I have been busy with my business.

THUS BEGINS the original e-mail

On Sunday I had a chance to talk everything over with my family members (there are 5 of us who contribute to the Rush Limbaughtomy pages) and we discussed what to do about your assertions this is our reply:

Your characterization of what was proposed is incorrect.

We did agree to delist our sites from the League to change the inflated totals on the Alliance pages without any reciprocal action.

We only agreed to delist these pages from the Ecosystem if ALL similarly multi-listed pages are delisted.

My family (who have employment situations that require that they remain anonymous) and I have every right under the current system to link and share links any way we please. My friends like BC have every right to blog as they wish under the rules you apply to the Ecosystem. They will abide by those rules as they always have.

If you wish to restrict everyone's activities so all bloggers are the same then you need to revise your methods. I see no realistic way that you can restrict our hard work. There are fewer of us so we have to work harder, be better organized, and link to each other more. We are also more likely to suffer repercussions in corporate work environments for expressing our views.

Your posting completely ignores the unfair and untrue charge you made about HIDDEN SITEMETERS. It completely ignores the fact that the multiple metering strategy in OPEN experimentation resulted in fewer total visits than using a common meter for all of our related pages.

What we have done we have done in compliance with your rules and decisions so we remain a part of your Ecosystem and to support you and the New Blog Showcase which has received more votes and attention in the past 7 weeks than ever before.


We have completed answers to most of what you have posted here
The "TRUTH" Layed "BARE" or the BEAR-naked "TRUTH"
and here
the "TRUTH' Layed BARE page 2

If you have any interest in continuing this conversation that we assume is now moot we are willing to continue it.

You have singled out 5 people contributing to 4 blogs in the League of Liberals and 6 blogs in the Ecosystem because we link more than you believe is appropriate and instead of using one common sitemeter we used more than one which reduced our overall visit totals from what would have been the case had we used on one common meter.
Given your decision we assume you have no interest in 'fairness'
Given that we have no interest in being part of the your Ecosystem.

Please delist our remaining site Rush Limbaughtomy if that is the case.


Highly "Selective" reasoning by NZ BEAR 

NZ BEAR decided to make yet another highly selective attack on the Rush Limbaughtomy family of blogs Under the title Suspensions Enacted
"I'm not going to take the time to respond point-by-point to Barry's various posts on this subject, but I will address one comment he made, as it bears directly on the need --- or lack thereof --- to have multiple blogs. He said: "Each of our "Limbaughtomy pages" is usually unique. They have more content and more varied content that the majority of pages on the Ecosystem."

Ah. Would that be varied content like this?
Specifically NZ Bear referenced a single Thanksgiving Weekend post that was shared by the Rush Limbaughtomy family of blogs featuring George Bush as a turkey and a round up of other League of Liberals bloggers. The exact same post was used on all 5 blogs the Bear mentioned. It was Thanksgiving weekend and that was what we decided to do.

I stand by my statement "Each of our "Limbaughtomy pages" is usually unique. They have more content and more varied content that the majority of pages on the Ecosystem."

USUALLY means just that - more often than not.
All anyone has to do to confirm or deny this is to go to the pages listed in the link section on this blog and see it for themselves. This kind of selective attack by NZ Bear is typical of his tactics to discredit those who deign to disagree with him. He chose one post out of dozens that happened to be shared on Thanksgiving weekend.

NZ Bear sets his arbitrary deadline and moves ahead with his Suspensions 

Under Suspensions Enacted November 30, 2003 at 12:25PM
Barry has not responded to my note below, and the time I set to have this resolved by (10am PST today) has now passed. It's time to resolve this issue and move on, and so I have acted: as of now, all the blogs listed in my previous post have been suspended from the Ecosystem, with the exception of Rush Limbaughtomy itself --- as per Barry's suggestion (which he still has inexplicably not posted on his blog, but did send to me and the League mailing list via e-mail), and my extension of his concept to apply to all his alternate blogs.
I most certainly responded to NZ Bears original attack with a solution and a compromise well within the time limit set by him. I did so in an e-mail sent to him on Sunday, November 30, 2003 9:49 AM Eastern Time 3 hours before his deadline.That e-mail can be read here

He posted Barry's Counterproposal on November 30, 2003 07:07 AM 18 minutes after my e-mail to him. My quick reading of that post before I left for church led me to believe we were on our way to a solution.
"I'll consider this proposal, however, it needs to be more complete. If Barry is willing to provide me a complete list of all of his blogs, and agree to only keep one in the Ecosystem, then this may be acceptable."
Like many other American's I go to Church at 11AM on Sundays and I spend the day with my family away from the computer. Those plans did not meet with the BEAR's approval or deadline. My feeling was that we were on our way to a compromise and that negotiations were proceeding ahead of any precipitous action. Boy was I wrong.

Distortions of the Truth  

NZ Bear made the following statement under:
Barry's Counterproposal - November 30, 2003 07:07 AM

"Barry has proposed a compromise solution in which he indicates he is willing to remove three of the four weblogs that remain in question (Savage Cruel Bigots, Hell on Halliburton, Treason Online, and Rush Limbaughtomy) from both the League of Liberals and the Ecosystem."
I proposed to remove the sites from the League of Liberals but ONLY to remove them from the ECOSYSTEM with the quid pro quo that other sites that occupied multiple traffic rankings and offered the opportunity for internal linking be removed as well.


To TTLB and the members of the League of Liberals.

This is more of my answer to NZ BEAR with the rest posted on Savage Cruel Bigots
with a link at the end of this message.

The only TOTAL that this strategy effects is this total
Average Daily Visits (via SiteMeter)
Instapundit: 64644
Alliance of Free Blogs: 13282
Axis of Naughty: 8193
League of Liberals: 16625

which is only viewed by those visiting the Alliance page on your blog.

I agree that this total is "inflated" by our attempt to use blogger pages
like an MT site.

The alternative is not to accumulate my visits to one blog (which is what happens for all of the MT sites)
This is unacceptable to me because it penalizes my Blogger pages in favor of MT type sites.

I could delist three of the pages from the League of Liberals
To change the totals on this list I will delist these pages from the League if that is your remaining complaint.

That will result in a smaller total on the Alliances page
and I don't know anyone who cares about that total.

It will also remove 3 "members" from the League but it will not negatively impact % of participation
to the point where it would change the outcome of any of the showcase percentage of participation results so far.

That solution is acceptable to me.

Now if you agree that all sites occupying multiple positions on the Ecosystem by virtue of shared sitemeters should be eliminated from the Ecosystem I will agree to delist three of the four pages from the Ecosystem.

The complete E-mail message is available here.

A Deliberate Total Un-retracted Lie 

ON November 29, 2003 09:03 AM under Ecosystem Suspensions Pending - NZ Bear included the following text in his attack on the Rush Limbaughtomy family of blogs where he claimed the blogs had HIDDEN sitemeters:

Treason Online: Counters for Hell on Halliburton, Treason Online. Update: And a hidden one for Rush Limbaughtomy.

Savage Cruel Bigots: Counters for Savage Cruel Bigots, Hell on Halliburton, and Treason Online. Update: And a hidden one for Rush Limbaughtomy.

Rush Limbaughtomy: Counters for Hell on Halliburton, Treason Online, Savage Cruel Bigots, The League of Liberals, and Rush Limbaughtomy (hidden).

Hell for Halliburton: Counters for Treason Online, Savage Cruel Bigots, and Hell for Halliburton. Update: And a hidden one for Rush Limbaughtomy.

This is the complete and utter lie. There have never been any HIDDEN sitemeters on any of the Rush Limbaughtomy family of blogs. All of the sitemeters on all of the blogs have always been in plain site and public so that anyone visiting the site can view them and click on them and get the full sitemeter information.

The exact same sitemeter appears under LINKS on the righthand upper corner of this blog. It is the exact same sitemeter that appears on everyone of the Rush Limbaughtomy family of pages that has a sitemeter.

Gaming the Bear  

Today I am creating a new Blogger blog called The "Truth" Layed BARE or the BARE-naked "Truth".

The Ecosystem itself, the New Blog Showcase, and the Sponsorship of the New Blog Showcase are "games" in the sense that they tally visits and links to advance on the "board". These games have certain "rules".

I happen to enjoy playing games and these games had a purpose for me. That purpose was to advance Liberal Bloggers up the board for greater recognition and to recognize new Liberal Bloggers.

NZ Bear - a Rightwing Conservative Blogger - owns the game and the game is played by his mainly unwritten rules. When he does not like the way his rules are interpreted he changes them.

On October 12th of this year I founded the League of Liberals with the expressed intent of competing in the game of who sponsors the New Blog Showcase. The League of Liberals has been tremendously successful at playing this game as indicated by it's perfect record of success and a near perfect record of Liberal Blogs winning the showcase votes.

This has resulted in expressed consternation on the part of NZ Bear. He has decided that certain strategies are 'unacceptable' in the playing of his game and has labeled these strategies as "intolerable".

On the other hand the Truth Laid Bear himself is very successful at playing his game. It is after all "the only game in town"
NZ Bear has risen to number two on his hierarchy of "most linked" blogs on his Ecosystem:

Higher Beings
1.Instapundit (1940) details
2.The Truth Laid Bear (1271) details

He has done so by employing certain strategies.
These strategies include providing JavaScript to Ecosystem participants and including them as (287 links)
by including as links the designations LL BA and NA to members of alliances:
http://liberallinker.blogspot.com/ links to http://www.truthlaidbear.com/AllianceDetails.php?alliance=LL
(this one is particularly suspect since Liberal Linker is not a League member)
http://www.pixelforge.net/ links to http://www.truthlaidbear.com/AllianceDetails.php?alliance=LL
http://www.mcsegeek.net/ links to http://www.truthlaidbear.com/AllianceDetails.php?alliance=BA
http://jl.mu.nu/ links to http://www.truthlaidbear.com/AllianceDetails.php?alliance=AN

These are strategies that only NZ Bear can successfully employ in his Ecosystem links game.

The Truth Laid Bear has at minimum 5,523 sitemeters on his webpages since there is a sitemeter at the bottom of every single Details page for each of the 5,523 sites listed on the Ecosystem. There are even sitemeters on the Alliance self-administration pages that must be visited to record or de-list members of the alliances. A good estimate of sitemeters on his "blog" is 5,550 (more details about sitemeters will be covered on The "Truth Layed BARE or The BARE-naked "Truth")

He allows multiple same blog listings of certain Conservative bloggers to occupy lofty positions in his traffic rankings
30) Indepundit 2474 visits/day (1519)
31) The Indepundit 2474 visits/day (1314)
32) Citizen Smash 2474 visits/day (58)

55) The Command Post 1550 visits/day (56)
56) CommandPost Op-Ed 1550 visits/day (1701)
57) War Blog Corner 1550 visits/day (2474)

61) Alliance Specialties 1350 visits/day (2253)
62) Blackfive - The Paratrooper of Love 1350 visits/day (180)

He even allows dead sites to occupy lofty rankings:
20) Detling House Memories 3249 visits/day (4847)
29) Joe Katzman 2568 visits/day (3011)

But this ranking by a player of his game appears to have made him angry.
38) Rush Limbaughtomy 2288 visits/day (153)
40) The Truth Laid Bear 2195 visits/day (2)

It made him even madder when this "family of blogs" was highly ranked:
41) Rush Limbaughtomy 2420 visits/day (52)
42) Savage Cruel Bigots 2420 visits/day (655)
45) Treason Online 2233 visits/day (501)
57) Hell on Halliburton 1772 visits/day (364)

Someone was being more successful at his game than he was and he has retaliated.

The very conceit of "The Truth Laid Bear" is inherent in his name.
He publishes under a pseudonym. I publish with my name know to everyone.

NZ Bear has attempted to besmirch my name by calling my tactics in his game unfair.

My tactics have been labeled "childish", "underhanded", and "nefarious" by a member of this League
Who stated that I had been "caught red-handed" for using tactics that were always in the open.

Every tactic that I have ever employed has been in the open and in full view of everyone in the blogosphere.
I make no apologies for those strategies. They were fair. Anybody could use them.
The Bear on the other hand employs strategies in his game that only he can use.

I intend to fully vette this event on The "Truth" Layed BARE
I do not intend to take up any more of your time than this in doing so.

This has been my last post on this subject on the League of Liberals
The League is too valuable a creation to let die because of the discord I have caused.
I do apologize to the membership for that.
I never meant to distract us from our primary purpose of defeating George Bush.

For those of you who are interested enough to follow this to it's (I hope rapid) conclusion I welcome your comments on the new blog for that purpose. I hope that some of you will call for discussion and a vote the continued support of the Ecosystem and the new blog showcase. I think that has been brought into serious question by the Bear's actions yesterday. I think we should think of an alternative of our own creation.

I beg your forgiveness for having caused this distraction and I remain your friend an avid supporter.

Statement of Purpose 

Rather than use the established blogs of the "Rush Limbaughtomy" family or The Truth Laid Bear site to openly discuss the ECOSYSTEM of the TRUTH LAID BEAR - THE "TRUTH" LAID BARE is a deliberate and open attempt to offer a place where the reality of the ECOSYSTEM can be discussed without a filter in a "forum" of it's own.

Here and on TTLB page 2 any comment made by NZ Bear will appear in it's entirety without edit and "in context" as far as possible as will the comments of Barry Bozeman. Any blogger who wishes to add relevant comments can do so in the comment section OR post comments on their blog and "links" to those comments will be added to this blog.

Barry Bozeman is the "founder" of this site; The League of Liberals; and the Rush Limbaughtomy "family" of blogspots including Savage Cruel Bigots; Treason Online; Hell for Halliburton; Bum's Rush (page 2 of Rush Limbaughtomy); and Hoggs Online. I am also one of the original authors and 'creators' of OPEN SOURCE POLITICS for which Liberal Linker was created.

By the end of December 2003 this blog should become a Historical Record of the "conflict" between Liberal Bloggers in general, Barry Bozeman and the Rush Limbaughtomy family of blogs in particular and NZ Bear of the Truth Laid Bear and the ECOSYSTEM

In the meantime I am withdrawing at least temporarily from the League of Liberals and Open Source Politics to make certain that what I am doing does not in any way reflect on the bloggers who participate on those sites.

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